Take Your Drums Anywhere! Even In The Aeroplane. Yes It's Possible Now
Taking out the drumming experience from recording studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.

Freedrum is a virtual drumkit that fits in your pocket. Whether you’re an emerging drummer or you have been doing it for years - Freedrum will create an outstanding experience for drummers of any level!


See How It Works

Just attach the sensors on your drumsticks, pair them with your cellphone, and play it anywhere. It is that easy! It runs on a battery that should keep you drumming for a week of regular use. Freedrum doesn't require an internet connection.


If you need the full drumming experience, slip two more freedrum units onto your feet. The units are interchangeable, so you won't need to buy special units to use in feet.

Unit is powered by a small, high-capacity LiPo-battery, which can be fully charged in just under an hour, while providing enough power to keep Freedrum running for seven hours of constant drumming. 


Inside the enclosure there's a PCB with a gyroscope that detects movements and interprets them as hits on a drum. Together with the detected force and a few other magic parameters it is then translated into MIDI. The MIDI signal is sent via Bluetooth to the connected app (e.g. Garageband on an iPhone) which then plays the actual sound via headphones or onboard speakers.

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