Indian Real estate Tycoon Shelled Out 9 Million US Dollars on Dubai’s D5 Number Plate
Collectors Spends tens of millions of dirhams for rare number plates in an auction conducted by the RTA .
7 Days UAE

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel witnessed the most demanded item in the auction on Saturday night and that was the Dubai plate D 5 – which went for a staggering 9 Million USDollars.

Balvinder Sahni, an Indian businessman based in Dubai, Winning bidder told to7DAYS (A leading local Nwspaper in the emirate) : “I’ll put it on one of my Rolls-Royces, the black one.

“I love number plates, it’s my hobby to collect them.”

7 Days UAE

A total of 80 number plates were listed in the auction. S 911 plate also gained the attention as it gone to a Student named Khalifa Lakhraim. – said it was for a Porsche that he hasn’t even bought yet.

He said: “I have to buy one first. It’s a trend now – everyone drives around with nice number plates on fancy cars.”

The funds raised from last night’s auction will go to RTA projects.

News Courtesy: 7 Days UAE


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